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Chores aren’t ‘HELPING OUT’: Why chores matter in today’s world

Feel like your kids don't have time for chores? Frustrated when you ask for help and get groans? Find out why chores are even more important now in Dr Molly's blog Chores aren’t ‘HELPING OUT’: Why chores matter in today’s world

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New Season, New Healthy Routines for You and Your Family

Spring has finally come to the frigid Midwest and if you are anything like me you are digging through your cedar closet to find your shorts and sunscreen to head outside! The first week or two of spring are glorious. We all want to be outdoors, raking the flower beds, cutting the grass for the… Continue reading New Season, New Healthy Routines for You and Your Family

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He had a sports physical at school…. Why bother with the adolescent well visit?

Annual check ups at your pediatrician is so much more than just making sure you're OK to play sports. For the athlete and non-athlete alike Dr Molly explains why going to your pediatrician for your annual check up rather than an urgent care makes sense.


The Working Title Is…You Talkin’ To Me?

Katie Parks writes with humor and honesty about growing older and planning for your future.

Someday I'm Going to Write a Book

In the often quoted classic 1976 film Taxi Driver, Robert DeNiro’s character imagines what he would say if he were confronted by a bad guy and practices his response by speaking to his reflection in the mirror.

I’ve taken a hint from his playbook and often preemptively planned conversations with my own reflection. But as I look back on my first half-century of life, I wish I had done that more often.

I was reminded of that this week when the New York Times electronically reprinted an article linked here that asked the question “What to Do with Their Stuff?”. This is a topic that will hit home for many peers entrenched in the Sandwich Generation. And it certainly hit home for me.

Closing up my childhood home a number of years ago was agonizing. I kept more than I should have because I just couldn’t bear to part…

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The Elf on the Shelf vs Santa

Santa is an amazing invention. Originally this jolly old elf was a version of St Nicolas bringing trinkets and fruit to children to celebrate the birth of Christ but as time went on he morphed in Santa Claus the all-seeing, all-knowing, arbiter of naughty or nice. The red faced, white bearded man who puts toddlers… Continue reading The Elf on the Shelf vs Santa