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February is FAMILY FUN MONTH!!

Are these cold winter days getting you down?febsnowman

Are you having trouble thinking of fun things to keep the kids busy on these cold winter days?

Here are some family fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Lets see how many of you can do something new and fun each day of the month and let us know on our FB page which one was your family favorite. (IT IS DEFINITELY OK IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE)

Feb 1: Get excited to have the best time ever this month.

Feb 2: Movie night at home with popcorn and treats; put the fireplace on; warmest, softest PJS and tons of blankets and pillow, snuggle up and “IT’S SHOW TIME”!

Feb 3: Slime project – Supplies needed: Elmer’s glue, 6oz bottle shaving cream and contact eye solutions (Renu Fresh or Equate are good brands). Start by pouring glue into a bowl (Tupperware containers work nicely), then put shaving cream over the glue, then add 1½ tablespoon contact eye solution. Mix all together with your hands, knead, knead, knead and presto… you have slime. Feel free to add a little glitter or food coloring to make it extra snazzy and sparkly.

Feb 4: Game night – Take out your favorite board game and play as a family. If you do not have any games, play a family game of hide and go seek. You are never too old to hide from you kids and lets face it…. you know we have all secretly wanted to at some point or another.

Feb 5: Does the 20-minute school-suggested nightly reading requirement make you or your kids cringe? Why don’t you make a fun twist on nightly reading for those who are not avid readers? Try some of these ideas – Pick out some cookie or brownie recipes and read the ingredients out loud; find a sports article about a favorite player that interests everyone and everyone can share with each other; everyone pick out their favorite book and share with the group; decide as a family how many “family reading hours” you can accumulate by the end of the week to earn “prizes”. Set the total as a group giving everyone something to look forward to and promoting camaraderie amongst the siblings. Prizes do not have to be monetary. They can be simple, like staying up an hour later on a Friday or Saturday night, having a friend over, picking out what chore to do for the week or what to have for dinner the following week.

Feb 6: School nights are crazy busy sometimes, so its challenging to do an activity every night. Tonight everyone will say one nice thing about each other and say one thing that they would like to change about each other. For example, “I like when you play baseball with me, but I don’t like how you make fun of the way I talk.”

Feb 7: Kids help make and pack their own lunches for the following day.

dancepartyFeb 8: DANCE PARTY TIME…Select a song or two, blast the music and get ready to dance, dance, dance… If you feel inclined to sing and turn on lava lamps in the dark or any other crazy fun glow lights, you should!!!  Act super crazy, smile – the more fun the better.

Feb 9: Indoor Flashlight Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of items to find in the house, give everyone a flashlight and have them search for the items.

Feb 10: Make your own ice cream sundaes for desert or decorate cup cakes or cookies for those lactose intolerant folks.

Feb 11: Make collages out of old magazines, newspapers or household items that you have lying around.

Feb 12: Sleeping contest – See who can go to bed the earliest. This is sure to be a parent favorite.

Feb 13: Have an indoor picnic in the living room. Someone sets up the venue in the living room, and everyone picks an item to eat.

Feb 14: Heart Pencil Topper Craft – Kids love to have fancy pencils, and this is a fun way to make an old pencil take on a whole new life.

Supplies: pencils and pipe cleaners (you can use red, white and pink for Valentines Day, but any colors will work just fine and the more colors the better)

  1. Using 2 pipe cleaners, wrap the ends around the pencil twice.


2.  Then loop around the other end and wrap 2 times around the pencil.


3.  Finally press down in the top center to form the shape of a heart.


bubblesFeb 15: Turn the living room into a bubble land, blow millions of indoor safe bubbles, and then go crazy popping them really fast.

Feb 16: Build a pillow fort using couch pillows, bed pillows, sleeping pillows and don’t forget the blankets for the roof.

Feb 17: Make greeting cards for loved ones – maybe for grandparents that live far away.

Feb 18: Set up an indoor hopscotch grid with masking tape and start jumping.

Feb 19: Make marshmallow sculptures using toothpicks or pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows.

Feb 20: Tell each other a joke.

Feb 21: Have a pillow fight.

Feb 22: Play I Spy.

elephantstuffedFeb 23: Have each child go through their things and pick out a toy or stuffed animal, clothes, etc. that they are no longer using or playing with. Donate to someone who is less fortunate than they are.

Feb 24:  Visit a place to donate those items that were selected on Friday night.

Feb 25: All family members make dinner together.

Feb 26: Play musical cushions – like musical chairs but using cushions spread out onto the floor.

Feb 27: Indoor bowling night – Set up empty water bottles and grab a tennis ball or any ball for that matter and let the games begin.

Feb 28: Write a family story. Take out a piece of paper and designate someone to be the writer. Then someone starts by making a setting for the story. Go from person to person and everyone adds details until it is completed. The oldest child or whomever wants to can read the story to the group at the end.

At the end of the month you will have had fun, relaxed the rules, spent less time on your devices and gotten even closer as a family! Give it a try!


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